See What Our Customers Have To Say
About Their Roto-Mix Experience!

“Roto-Mix knows the business”

We bought our first Roto-Mix in 2011 and bought our second in 2013. We run two boxes. We had another brand and made the switch. It was a positive switch. We have the Staggered Rotors and I love the mix time. We cut our mixing time in half while getting an excellent mix on the feed. Our bunk samples from the first, middle and last of the load are consistent and at the top of industry standards.
Todd Zimmerman, Manager

Zimm’s Feedlot

Sterling, Kansas

“I wouldn’t have any other mixer on the yard.”

I’ve been here since 1998 and we’ve had Roto-Mix all along. I’ve never run anything else. Service is great. If I need a part, I get it the next day. The mix test is always consistent. The Staggered Rotor mixes quickly and efficiently. It works very well with distillers grain. We run seven days a week, all day and Roto-Mix is very reliable. I wouldn’t have any other mixer on the yard.
Tony Nave, Feed Manager

Sellers Feedlot

Lyons, KS

“What’s not to like about Roto-Mix”

We got our first Roto-Mix in 1988. We use the Staggered Rotor. We run a lot of feed through our mixers and they really last. What’s not to like about Roto-Mix.
Mike Holley, General Manager

Haw Ranch Feedlot, LLC

Turon, Kansas

“We went with Roto-Mix”

In 1987 I was with a little yard and I bought my first Roto-Mix. In 1990 I moved to Ford county and talked our maintenance foreman into trying a Roto-Mix, and when it was time to purchase again we went with Roto-Mix. We now have five 920s and all are staggered rotors. They’re good boxes on good trucks and we get good service. Not that we've had to worry about service because we just haven't had any major problems that required service.
Danny Herman

Ford County Feeders

Ford County

“The Roto-Mix is a heavier built mixer”

The Roto-Mix is a heavier built mixer, which is very important because of the hard use it gets.
Alan Seidl

Alan Seidl feeds over 1100 dairy cattle at his Mountain View Dairy operation near Luxemburg, Wisconsin. He loads and feeds all of his dairy cows every morning with his Roto‑Mix 1105 truck mounted vertical mixer.

Ford County Feeders

Ford County

“Our experience with our Roto‑Mix 745 is consistency"

Our experience with our Roto‑Mix 745 is consistency in the mix which has helped our herd health. The 745 Roto‑Mix is a well built durable mixer with excellent dealer support.
Brenda and Barney G. Prince

Barney Prince along with his wife, Brenda, operate their dairy operation near Hamilton, NY. They feed and milk 200 dairy cows.

Brenda and Barney G. Prince

Hamilton, NY

“We’ve never had any trouble with Roto-Mix"

We’ve never had any trouble with Roto-Mix. They’re reliable and give us a consistent and efficient mix. Roto-Mix handles the strain of being used all day, every day. They’re well built and we’d definitely buy from BJM again. BJM is great to work with for parts and service.
Tyrel Templar

Dawn Custom Cattle Feeders Inc.

Dawn, TX

“The mix gets to complete feed faster and cuts mixing time down"

“The mix gets to complete feed faster and cuts mixing time down. We’ve been buying from our dealer, BJM, forever. Their service is great. They’re here anytime day or night, even Sunday morning. We’ve always used Roto-Mix. It works really good with wet rations. My next feed truck will be a Roto-Mix.
Joe Richards

Diamond Cattle Feeders

Hereford, TX

“Roto-Mix just builds a better box."

We’ve used Roto-Mix for a long time, in fact we just bought a new 920 last week. Roto-Mix just builds a better box. It does not grind up the feed like an auger mixer. We’ve had good experiences dealing with both Roto-Mix. We’ve had no major problems. Our truck puts out approximately 300 lbs. more feed per gallon of diesel used.
Chad Grimes

Dean Cluck Feed Yard

Gruver, TX

“It’s dependable and gives a good mix."

It’s been a good rig. It seems to be pretty tough. We had an older one and went to the staggered rotor. It’s dependable and gives a good mix. We don’t have a lot of time for maintenance and we don’t need much for this mixer. BJM gives us great service. They’re always here quick with replacement trucks. Our next mixer will be a Roto-Mix.
Eric Black

Black and Myers Cattle Co.

Vega, TX

“We’ve been using Roto-Mix for over 26 years."

We’ve been using Roto-Mix for over 26 years. At one point we had the oldest Roto-Mix made. We have a staggered rotor and it mixes distillers grain better than other mixers. Maintenance nowadays is literally nothing. You can’t beat the service. As long as I’m here, our future mixers will be Roto-Mix.
Curtis Smith

R&P Cattle Co.

Hereford, TX

Dairy Producers Using Rotary Mixers

Every day Mike and Steve Johanningmeier load their two Roto-Mix 620 truck-mount rotary feed mixers and feed their 600 dairy cows and 1,000 heifers and beef cattle. “We like the design of the Roto‑Mix and the way it fits our operation.” said Mike. Their other 620 is equipped with the GeneRation II Staggered Rotor used to mix heavier wet rations. Mike continued, “They have been pretty trouble free.”
Mike and Steve Johanningmeier

Mike and Steve Johanningmeier

Waukon, Iowa

"The level of service is impeccable."

The first feed truck we ever bought was a Roto-Mix. They give us a dependable consistent, accurate mix. We like the staggered rotor and the upgrades that came with it. The level of service is impeccable. If we call, we always feel like we are important to them. If we need them, they come out and get the job done right.
Robby Kirkland

Kirkland Feed Yard

Vega, TX

Staggered Rotor for Wet Dairy Rations

Steve Bach feeds his 2,000 dairy cows and heifers with his Roto-Mix 920 Commercial trailer equipped with the GeneRation II Staggered Rotor. It’s ideal for feeding wet and heavy rations like chopped forage and distillers grains. “In my operation, the rotary does a way better job with the type of feed rations I feed. It hasn’t missed a day’s work since I got it four years ago.”
Steve Bach

Bach Farms

Dorchester, Wisconsin

"This mixer is built very well"

"My Roto-Mix 1355 does a great job to feed over 2,200 head of dairy cows and 3,100 replacement heifers twice a day," Jerod chose the 1355 Cyclone vertical trailer with double flighted augers. “The double flighted augers mix a lot faster and the quality of my bulky rations is excellent. This mixer is built very well and I get the best service from our dealer."
Jerod Henrickson

Bella Holsteins

Platteville, CO

"It’s faster, uses less energy, is more dependable"

Roto-Mix has been a good machine for us. It’s faster, uses less energy, is more dependable and does a better job of mixing a bigger load. We use our trucks all day, every day. Roto-Mix has been good for us over the years, with parts, service and loaners if we need them. If you’re looking to update your mixer, I’d recommend Roto-Mix.
Brett Zikmund

Christensen Cattle Co.

Central City, NE

"We’ve used Roto-Mix for over 20 years."

We’ve used Roto-Mix for over 20 years. They do a great job. Service and breakdowns are minimal. The service we get is the key thing. When we need a new truck, it’s here instantly, and the folks in their shop do a good job of taking care of us.
Kirk Bader, Manager

Gary Bader and Sons

Palmer, NE