Model 1105 Vertical Feed Mixer

Model 1105 is a twin auger vertical mixer with a mixing capacity of 900 cu. ft. and it can hold a maximum load with a heavy ration up to 22,500 lbs.  The 1105 is available in either the A-Series that includes variable speed auto-mix drives with proven Allison transmission performance or the H-Series that is equipped with variable speed hydrostatic drives and load-controlled auger speeds. This vertical mixer provides a premium mix quality in efficient mix time and offers a superior hay length control. There are multiple unloading door options from side to rear. Available in truck, trailer or stationary, this unit is built for commercial use in larger dairy and feedlot operations.

Vertical Mixer Brochure PDF

Feed rises 42" per revolution to mix twice as fast!

42" every 3.3 seconds at 18 revolutions per minute!

1505 Veertical Mixer865 Vertical Mixer from Front

Inclined Conveyor

745/865 models have inclined conveyor with optional 14" spout with magnets to match your feeding needs.

Two Speed Gearbox

745/865 models have two-speed gearbox for slow speed mixing and high RPM for better cleanout. Optional hydraulic shifter allows operator to change between low and high gear from tractor seat.

Vertical Dimensional Drawing


  Auger Screws Twin
  Auger Flighting Single
  Empty weight, trailer models, lb. (kg) 17,100 (7756)
  Weight, 8" end cap ext., lb. (kg) 150 (68)
A Trailer tub length, in. (cm) 245 (622)
B Trailer overall length, in. (cm) 307 (780)
C Trailer tub width, in. (cm) 116 (295)
D Trailer overall height, in. (cm) 114 (290)
E Trailer discharge height, in. (cm) 34–56 (86–142)
F Trailer outside tread width (tires), in. (cm) 120 (305)
G Truck tub length, in. (cm) 245 (622)
H Truck behind cab to end of tub, in. (cm) 276 (701)
I Truck tub width, in. (cm) 116 (295)
J Overall height with 38" truck frame, in. (cm) 126 (320)
K Discharge height with 38" truck frame, in. (cm) 45 (114)
  Transport width, in. (cm) 114 (290)
  Loading height, trailers, in. (cm) 114 (290)
  Hydraulic drive system Trailer‡
  Auto-Mix drive Optional
  PTO speed, rpm 1,000
  Trailer recommended PTO horsepower (kilowatts) 180 (134)
  Truck recommended engine horsepower (kilowatts) 275 (205)
  Tires size, trailers, in. (cm) 11R x 22.5 42 OD (107)
  Hubs, lb. (kg) 10 bolt 20,000 (9072)
  Conveyor width, conveyor models, in. (cm) 42 (107)
  Maximum load with a hay ration by weight, lb. (kg) 19,800 lb. (8981)
  Maximum load with a heavy ration by weight, lb. (kg) 27,500 (12474)
  Mixing capacity* cu. ft. (m³) 900 (25.5)
  Discharge magnets Optional
  Screw speeds at 1,000-rpm pto Variable 18 to 50 RPM†

All dimensions and specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.
*Extension capacity
‡Minimum tractor PTO 180 hp (210 Engine HP–156 [kw] or higher).