Used Equipment

Roto-Mix 920-18 on 2009 IHC, UU 1335

  Roto-Mix 920-18 on 2009 IHC, UU 1335.  Staggered Rotor, New stainless steel upper left side sheet, new stainless steel upper right side sheet, has stainless steel tub and auger liners, new top auger, bottom auger is very good, sandblasted and re-painted box.  37,750 hours & 166,545 miles.

Knight 3160 on 2007 IHC, UU 1269

  Knight 3160 on 2007 International.Just installed stainless steel liners in tub bottom and auger bottom.  Sandblasted and re-painted box.  27,300 hrs.  5-Bar rotor.

Roto-Mix 625 Trailer, UU 1299

  Roto-Mix 625 Trailer.  Front Center Discharge with a Right Hand Dog-Leg Conveyor.  Unit also has a rear discharge.  Hydraulic shifter on 2-speed gearbox.  DigiStar EZ2500V w/remote/serial ports.  WIFI ERM on scales.

MMI DB22 Delivery on 2013 IHC, UU 1328

    MMI DB22 Delivrery on 2013 IHC.  5' Sides + 12" Extensions x 22' Bed x 8' Inside Width.  Stainless Steel Box. New floor chains.

ROTO-MIX 1200-20 on 2002 IHC, UU 1339

  Roto-Mix 1200-20 Delivery Unit on 2002 International.  22,996 hours & 129,953 miles). IHC model: 2654.  DT 466 engine.  New engine at 21,997 hours.  Stainless steel liners in auger bottoms. New Tires.