Model 1220-20 Rotary Mixer

Larger Feed Mixing Capacity


The new 1220-20 Roto-Mix Commercial Series Rotary Feed Mixer is meeting the increasing demand for larger volumes of feed rations with its massive mixing capacity of 1220 cu. ft.  This horizontal commercial feed mixer comes equipped with a patented Staggered Rotor that is ideal for feeding heavy rations that require wet distillers grains.  The Staggered Rotor's lifting and tumbling action results in a total mixed ration in less time.  The new 1220-20 is available in both truck mount or stationary units.   These Roto-Mix Commercial Series Feed Mixers are ideal for large-sized feeder or dairy operations.  The additional capacity produces larger loads of total mixed rations up to 36,000 pounds.  Stationary units mixing and supplying large cubic feet capacity can quickly fill Commercial Feeder Boxes or Ration Delivery Boxes for rapid transport to the feed bunk.