Model 325 VXT Vertical Feed Mixer

Model 325 Vertical Express Twin Auger is a vertical feed mixer with a mixing capacity of 320 cu. ft. and can hold a maximum load with a heavy ration up to 8900 lbs.  This model is available in trailer and stationary units but not in truck mount.  VXT Vertical Mixers have a low profile, perform fast processing of hay with quick mixing and discharge.  It is equipped with tower assembly shaft twin augers and has lower horsepower requirements with chain and sprocket drive.  It has an adjustable axle for loading convenience and can be equipped with more knives as an option. This size of feed mixer is for all feeding applications including dairy, cow/calf, stockers and more.

Vertical Mixer Brochure PDF

VXT Auger Column Assembly Illustration

Low profile. • Fast processing of hay. • Quick mixing and discharge.

Advantages of Tower Assembly Shaft

  • Lower horsepower with chain and sprocket drive.
  • Adjustable axle for loading convenience.
  • Great mixer for all feeding applications, dairy, cow/calf, stockers and more.
  • Can be equipped with more knives optional.
No Planetaries

No planetaries—just a simple chain and sprocket drive—low maintenance with one right angle gearbox.

Twin Augers

Models 325, 425 and 505 have twin augers.

PTO Holder and Hose Storage

Convenient PTO holder and hose storage.

Convertible chain and Slat Conveyor

Convertible chain and slat conveyor for left or right hand discharge on trailer models.


Twin screws for faster mixing and processing of long fiber material.

Vertical Dimensional Drawing


Ref.Vertical Xpress (VXT)325
  Auger Screws Twin
  Auger Flighting Single
  Empty weight, trailer models, lb. (kg) 7,940 no conveyor (3602)
A Trailer tub length, in. (cm) 160 (406)
B Trailer overall length, in. (cm) 207 (526)
C Trailer tub width, in. (cm) 84 (283)
D Trailer overall height, in. (cm) 94 (239)
E Trailer discharge height, in. (cm) 17–32 (43–81)
F Trailer outside tread width (tires), in. (cm) 85 (216)
G Truck tub length, in. (cm) 160 (406)
H Truck behind cab to end of tub, in. (cm) 165 (419)
I Truck tub width, in. (cm) 84 (283)
J Overall height with 38" truck frame, in. (cm) 113 (287)
K Discharge height with 38" truck frame, in. (cm) 23–38 (58–97)
  Transport width, in. (cm) 100 (254)
  Loading height, trailers, in. (cm) 94+7 for rubber extension (239+18)
  PTO speed, rpm 540
  Trailer recommended PTO horsepower (kilowatts) 75 (56)
  Truck recommended engine horsepower (kilowatts) NA
  Drive chain, roller chain #100
  Tires size, trailers, in. (cm) 33 x 15.5–16.5
  Hubs, lb. (kg) 8 bolt 8,000 (3629)
  Conveyor width, conveyor models, in. (cm) 36 (91)
  Maximum load with a hay ration by weight, lb. (kg) 6,400 (2903)
  Maximum load with a heavy ration by weight, lb. (kg) 8,900 (4037)
  Mixing capacity* cu. ft. (m³) 320 (9)
  Discharge magnets Optional
  Screw speeds at 1,000-rpm pto 540 RPM

All dimensions and specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.
*Extension capacity
‡Minimum tractor PTO 180 hp (210 Engine HP–156 [kw] or higher).