About Us

ROTO-MIX has built its reputation as the leading manufacturer of livestock mixing and feeding equipment, compost mixing equipment and manure spreaders by continually setting standards for the industry. The company was founded in Dodge City, Kansas by Ben Neier and Bill Pullen in 1984. Since that time, ROTO-MIX has grown to include additional manufacturing facilities in Hoisington, Kansas and Sunnyside Washington as well as a retail location in Scott City, Kansas. The marketing arm has over 100 dealers providing local sales and service in the U.S. and sales in over 40 international markets. With an in-house engineering department the company’s leading edge developments specifically meet the ever-changing requirements of the cattle and dairy feeding industry. ROTO-MIX has successfully filed several patents related to the livestock mixing and feeding equipment. As important as our patents are, our most valuable commodity is our 100+ skilled and dedicated employees. Each and every one of them is committed to delivering a superior product to our dealers and end-users.  Contact your local ROTO-MIX representative to schedule a demonstration and discover the truthfulness of our motto:

“ROTO-MIX products are truly Designed for Feeding Performance”