VX Single Auger Trailer

Single Auger Vertical Feed Mixers, These models are available only as a trailer. The low profile and short loading height allows for easy loading with skid steers.


VXT Xpress Twin Augers Trailer

Roto-Mix offers one VXT Vertical Mixer in Trailer form with 325 cu. ft. capacity that has a low profile but performs fast processing of hay with quick mixing and discharge.  This model has a tower assembly shaft twin augers. This size of feed mixer is for all feeding applications including dairy, cow/calf, stockers and more. For more information, select the model and go to the web page.


Twin Augers Trailer

Roto-Mix offers six large capacity twin auger vertical mixers with capacities from 620 cu. ft. on up to 1300 cu. ft. These vertical mixers provide a premium mix quality in efficient mix time and offers a superior hay length control. There are multiple unloading door options. Available in truck, trailer or stationary, this unit is built for commercial use in dairy and feedlot operations.