VXT Xpress Twin Augers Truck

Roto-Mix offers two VXT Vertical Mixers with 425 cu. ft. or 505 cu. ft. capacities that have a low profile, perform fast processing of hay with quick mixing and discharge.  Both models are equipped with tower assembly shaft twin augers. This size of feed mixer is for all feeding applications including dairy, cow/calf, stockers and more. For more information, select the model and go to the web page.


Twin Augers Truck

Roto-Mix offers six large capacity twin auger vertical mixers with capacities from 620 cu. ft. on up to 1300 cu. ft. These vertical mixers provide a premium mix quality in efficient mix time and offers a superior hay length control. There are multiple unloading door options. Available in truck, trailer or stationary, this unit is built for commercial use in dairy and feedlot operations.