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Oswalt Auger Mixers

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D200  D250  D300  D350

Stationary or Trailer

D425  D500  D575

Trailer or Truck

Oswalt D500 Hay Saw

A family of heavy-duty mixers

Oswalt D200 Ruffage Master StationaryOswalt D250 Hay Saw ProcessorOswalt D300 Hay Saw
D245, 500 and 575 Mixing Action

D425, 500 and 575 Mixing Action

The same quality engineering that we use in our small mixers has been incorporated in the larger units. Through field-testing, we have designed the top augers to rotate in opposite directions. This design, along with having the right distance between the top augers, allows a faster mixing action and larger total load capacity.

D200, 250, 300 and 350 Mixing Action

D200, 250, 300 and 350 Mixing Action

The bottom augers rotate clockwise to work together moving material to the front of the mixer. The offset convergence point on bottom augers reduces torque which lowers horsepower requirements during tough mixing demands and gently lifts the feed to the top augers. To complete the mixing process, top augers move feed to the rear creating a waterfall-effect of feed cascading to the bottom augers for a thorough mix in half the time.

Model Stationary Trailer Truck Mixing Capacity
D200   200 cubic ft.
D250   250 cubic ft.
D300   300 cubic ft.
D350   350 cubic ft.
D425   425 cubic ft.
D500   500 cubic ft.
D575   575 cubic ft.

Since 1952, Oswalt® has been defining the standards for feeding equipment. We’ve built our reputation as industry leaders by leading the way in TMR technology. Our experience, combined with our innovative design, enables Oswalt® to continuously offer quality-built, long-lasting TMR auger mixers to the dairy and beef industries.

Leading the way in TMR mixing technology!

Oswalt® mixers produce superior mix quality and have a proven track record. Oswalt® delivers a more consistent and more palatable mix, which translates to better feed conversion and better herd health. Our mixers can mix small and full batches alike and easily handle a wide variety of ingredients. With Oswalt, you’ll reap the benefit of an efficient drive design, which requires less power to mix feed. You’ll save time and money by adding Tuff–Glide® liners to speed material flow, decrease mixing time and increase the life of the mixing chamber. With Tuff–Glide®, wear and tear is on the replaceable, low cost liners, not the structure of your mixer. Faster mixing equates to less wear on unit and lower fuel/electricity needs. What’s more, when it is time to trade up for a new mixer, you’ll find Oswalt® to have the highest resale value of any auger mixer on the market.

Loading Oswalt D575 Hay Saw

For Incorporating More Hay into Your Ration

Oswalt® mixers are superior in their ability to mix all types of ration ingredients. When equipped with the optional Hay Saw™ Processor you can mix more hay in your ration.* The Hay Saw™ is designed to act as hundreds of fingers pulling the slabs of hay apart while ration ingredients are being mixed. It is this pulling action, instead of actually cutting, which helps maintain particle length resulting in a more palatable mix.

*Refer to operator’s manual for recommended methods of adding hay to mixer.

Oswalt® Mixers… Built Tough to Last!

The Oswalt® drive and power transfer systems are the “heart” of every Oswalt® Auger Mixer. Compare the simple and sturdy Oswalt® drive and power transfer system to everybody else and you will see why there is no equal!

Enclosed Oil Bath

Enclosed Oil Bath

The entire drive system runs continuously in an enclosed oil bath for added protection and longer life. Simple chain and sprocket design is easy to maintain while providing efficient power transfer.

Easy Access Rear Doors

Easy–Access Rear Door(s)

Dual entry on models 425, 500 and 575, single on models 200, 250, 300 and 350. Behind these doors lie the latest innovation in Oswalt® drive technology. Large handles and a unique cam mechanism insure a tight seal for the oil bath while enabling quick and easy inspection access to the drive system.

Baffle Magnet Option

Baffle Magnet Option

This option replaces the discharge chute. It bolts to the end of the conveyor and can be adjusted several ways to match feed flow and bunk requirements. The attached magnet helps trap unwanted metal.

Optional Light Kit

Optional Light Kit

The optional light kit complies with ASAE standards for lighting and marking for operation on roadways.

Stationary Discharge Controll

Stationary Discharge Control

Offered on the D200, 250, 300 and 350 units. An 18" diameter wheel allows for manual operation of the sliding discharge door, controlling the flow of feed to the 20" wide discharge opening, for a complete cleanout to any conveyor. A lock positions the door to the desired opening. An optional electric door opener is available.

Dependable Down Drive

Dependable Dowel Drive

Provides superior power transfer to the augers. Plus, adds up to 80% more strength to the drive for rock-solid reliability in tough hay processing and mixing conditions.

No Maintenance Nyloil Bearings

No Maintenance Nyloil® Bearings

Sleeve–type, front, 63⁄4" diameter auger bearings are made from 1⁄2" thick Nyloil®. Nyloil® is a refined nylon material that is permanently impregnated with oil for superior lubrication, long life and smooth performance. These Nyloil® bearings are not affected by moisture, dust or the corrosive action of feed acid.

Rugged Lever Action Door

Rugged Lever Action Door

The wide 40" discharge door on the D425, 500 and 575 units is controlled with a hydraulic cylinder mounted to the sturdy body flange. This robust lever design transfers the pulling load to the rigid body instead of the side wall.

Heavy-Duty Tires and Hubs

Heavy-duty Tires and Hubs

Massive H40 x 14.5 aircraft tires are mounted to heavy-duty hubs and axles which provide superior ground clearance and flotation for muddy conditions.

Operator's Manual Holder

Operator’s Manual Holder

Permanently mounted to the mixer in a dry and secure location, the operator’s manual is always available for quick access and reference.

Double Spherical Pillow Block Bearings

Double-Spherical Bearings

The Oswalt® D425, 500 and 575 have industrial duty double-spherical pillow block bearings that are designed for high loads and extended life.

Quick Couple Auger Flange

Quick–Couple Auger Flange

Auger tube flanges are bolted directly to the drive shaft with four hardened bolts. This dependable design allows the augers to be quickly removed without opening the rear drive doors!

Centralized Gease Bank

Centralized Grease Bank

Conveniently located on the side of the oil bath, this important feature helps reduce maintenance time and extends equipment life.

Hydraulically Adjustable Conveyor

Hydraulically Adjustable Conveyor

This convenient hydraulic feature allows the operator to easily set the proper conveyor height for feeding into a bunk, minimizing wind loss. When you are done feeding, the conveyor folds up against the side of the mixer to allow maximum transport clearance. An extended folding conveyor is also available with an added 13" in length.

Stationary Motor Mount

Stationary Motor Mount

Available on the D200, 250, 300 and 350 stationary units. Choice of right side (pictured) or front motor mount design featuring banded V-belt drive with easy belt tightening. Choose motor mount location based on feed room layout.

Enjoy the Comfort and Convenience of a Truck Mounted Mixer

D500 Truck Mounted Models

Everything you need to complete the mixing and feeding process is right at your fingertips. Easy to use mixer controls are conveniently located within the cab. Your choice of indicators is mounted within the operator’s view for monitoring each ingredient as it is loaded into the mixer.

Oswalt® Models D425, D500 and D575 are also available as a truck mount and have all the same heavy-duty design features as the trailer units. Some of the benefits of choosing an Oswalt® truck mounted mixer are ease of operation, maneuverability, increased operator comfort, and reduced fatigue. The faster transport speed allows you to feed more livestock in less time, which is ideal for operations with multiple feeding locations.


Optional Compression Load Cells

Optional Compression Load Cells

These CT load cells, when used with patented floating mounts, are ideal for truck mounted mixers giving you the most accurate and reliable scale system on the market today.

Multi Position Swing Mpunt

Multi–Position Swing Mount

This convenient and multi-position sturdy trailer swing arm mount lets the operator position the indicator for tractor seat or side viewing.

Weigh Beam Cells

Weigh Beam Cells

We offer a four–point differential bending beam weighing system that is unmatched in accuracy and dependability. When used with one of the indicators you get an accurate ration, batch after batch.

Stationary Weigh Bars

Stationary Weigh Bars

The stationary models have four weigh beams that offer 99.5% accuracy. They feature heat-treated steel, sealed strain gauge design and choice of indicator. Load cells are mounted on a hefty channel frame.

Digi-Star EZ 3500 VTrailer Weigh Beam Axles

Trailer Weigh Beam Axles

Models D200, D250, and D300 feature two weigh beam axles and weigh beam hitch with heat-treated steel and sealed electronic strain gauges. Model D350 features a four-point weigh beam mounting system. The indicator gives dependable and precise digital readouts at 99.5% accuracy, batch after batch.


Specifications Illustration
Description D200 D250 D300 D350 D425 D500 D575
Mixing Capacity (cu. ft.) 200 250 300 350 125 500 575
Struck Level Cap.–Top of Ext. (cu. ft.) 235 292 349 406 470 550 630
Bushels (cu. ft.) Mix Cap/Struck Lev 160/188 200/292 240/279 280/325 340/376 400/440 460/504
Max. Mixing Load (lbs.) 6000 lbs. 7500 lbs. 9000 lbs. 10500 lbs. 12750 lbs. 15000 lbs. 17250 lbs.
Unit Weight (lbs.)–Trailer 7380 lbs. 7660 lbs. 9640 lbs. 12150 lbs. 13250 lbs. 13810 lbs. 15100 lbs.
Unit Weight (lbs.)–Stationary 6420 lbs. 6700 lbs. 8640 lbs. 9750 lbs. X X X
Power Requirement Min. (hp)–Trailer 35 hp 45 hp 55 hp 65 hp 85 hp 100 hp 115 hp
Power Requirement Min. (hp)–Stationary 10 hp 10 hp 15 hp 20 hp X X X
A   Overall Length 194" 218" 242" 266" 218" 242" 266"
B   Mixing Chamber Length 120" 144" 168" 192" 144" 168" 192"
C   Front of Discharge to Bumper 97" 121" 145" 169" 145" 169" 193"
D   Height–Top of Extension 89" 89" 89" 89" 108" 108" 108"
E   Height–Top of Steel 81" 81" 81" 81" 100" 100" 100"
F   Overall Width–folded std. Conveyor 95" 95" 95" 95" 102" 102" 102"
G   Overall Width–folded ext. Conveyor 108" 108" 108" 108" 99" 99" 99"
H   Mixing Chamber Width 66" 66" 66" 66" 8 63⁄8" 8 63⁄8" 8 63⁄8"
I   Discharge Hinge Height 21" 21" 21" 21" 24" 24" 24"
J   Discharge Min. Baffle Height 22" 22" 22" 22" 22" 22" 22"
K1   Discharge Max. Height–std. 36" 36" 36" 36" 37" 37" 37"
K2   Discharge Max. Height–ext. 44" 44" 44" 44" 45" 45" 45"
Discharge Width 30" 30" 30" 30" 40" 40" 40"
Tub Bottom (without liners) 3⁄8" 3⁄8" 3⁄8" 3⁄8" 3⁄8" 3⁄8" 3⁄8"
End Panels 7 Ga 7 Ga 7 Ga 7 Ga 7 Ga 7 Ga 7 Ga
Sides LH-RH 10 Ga–1⁄4" 10 Ga–1⁄4" 10 Ga–1⁄4" 10 Ga–1⁄4" 10 Ga–1⁄4" 10 Ga–1⁄4" 10 Ga–1⁄4"
Hay Shelf 1⁄4" 1⁄4" 1⁄4" 1⁄4" 1⁄4" 1⁄4" 1⁄4"
Bottom Auger Flighting 1⁄2" 1⁄2" 1⁄2" 1⁄2" 1⁄2" 1⁄2" 1⁄2"
Top Auger Flighting 5⁄16" 5⁄16" 5⁄16" 5⁄16" 5⁄16" 5⁄16" 5⁄16"
Bottom Auger Diameter L 20"–R 19" L 20"–R 19" L 20"–R 19" L 20"–R 19" L 26"–R 25" L 26"–R 25" L 26"–R 25"
Top Auger Diameter 20" 20" 20" 20" 26" 26" 26"
Auger Tube Diameter 65⁄8"–85⁄8" 65⁄8"–85⁄8" 65⁄8"–85⁄8" 65⁄8"–85⁄8" 85⁄8" 85⁄8" 85⁄8"
Drive Chain–Main #80 #80 #100 #100 #100 #100 #100
Drive Chain–Bottom Augers #120 #120 #120 #120 #140 #140 #140
Drive Chain–Top Augers #100 #100 #100 #100 #120 #120 #120

Specifications may change at anytime without notice.

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